nanjing animal sanctuary

furry hearts rescue

We are an animal sanctuary in Nanjing who rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes cats and dogs that have been abandoned, abused and neglected. We offer the necessary medical care and socialization for the animal to become a loving member of their future family.

Our Mission

We rescue & re-home furry hearts in Nanjing.

Our goal is to actively participate in rescuing suffering cats and dogs in Nanjing that has been mistreated, abandoned or neglected and give them a chance to feel loved and nurtured. We provide a home setting for the pets to build trust in themselves and in humans again before they go to their future families.


Donations cover costs of daily feeding of our rescued cats and dogs & their medical costs.
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You can save a life by adding a furry heart to your home. A rewarding experience for you both!
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We also need local people to help foster or socialize with the pets to build their trust.
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We need volunteers to help socialize with the pets and help with events and awareness.
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You can make a difference in their lives by opening up your heart & home.

Adopt or Foster a Furry Heart

Our sanctuary has so many hearts in need of a good home. If you have any questions about the adoption or foster process, please click here.

Lady Patch

Affectionate and playful. Patch is a ball of love and will instantly befriend anyone she meets.


Chronos lives to run outside to feel the air on his fur or to play with all his friends. Inside he is quiet and calm.


Harley is a happy dog that loves to run around, go on walks and play with other dogs.


Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass.


Oscar is a bit shy at the first meeting, but he loves playing and we will be extra thrilled if he gets cuddles.
News / Videos

Check out the latest news & videos on their journey and the lives of strays in Nanjing

As many have spent their whole lives fending for themselves, we strive to provide the pets with a trusting environment that allows them a chance to grow and build bonds of trust with other people and animals. Take a look at their progress!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fostering Pets

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Come meet the furry hearts in our shelter, we'd love to have you