Nanjing Animal Sanctuary

Giving Furry Hearts a Chance to Find a Loving Home

We are an animal sanctuary in Nanjing who rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes cats and dogs that have been abandoned, abused and neglected. We offer the necessary medical care and socialization for the animal to become a loving member of their future family.

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About Us

You can make a difference in their lives by opening up your heart & home.

We are a non-profit rescue center for dogs and cats located on the outskirts of Nanjing city, China. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats that have been abandoned, abused or are living on the streets. We wish to help as many animals as we can and have them feel loved and safe everyday. We provide them with the necessary vaccinations and microchip for their health and safety. We also participate in local education program to help the youth understand how to treat and cat and dog and what is the meaning of rescuing an animal.

Our Furry Hearts

Consider adopting a furry heart in your your home



I'm about 8 months old. I'm a little shy at first, but I'm very affectionate and friendly.



I'm about 2 years old. I'm blind, but confident. I'm very friendly and affectionate. I'm always very happy.



I'm 3 months old. I'm a little shy but very friendly. I've got green eyes.



I'm 4 months old. I'm friendly and playful but little shy at first. I love hugging and cuddling.



I'm 3 months old. I've already started the vaccination. I'm energetic and super friendly.



I'm very sweet and affectionate.I prefer cuddles to running around.



I'm very smart and I learn commands quickly. I'm playful and energetic. I love people and puppies.



Levi is a sweet heart, he is super friendly with other cats, dogs and human. He is affectionate and playful.



Ella is shy and friendly, she loves coming in for snacks.


Long Hair Ragdoll

Saki is a 10 months long hair ragdoll, she is gentle and a little shy. She loves to eat and sleep.


Purring queen

Leah is a beautiful "tiger", she is really friendly outgoing, slightly talking and cuddly.



Daisy appreciate every bit of love she gets whether it's a look, a hug, a toy and this beautiful jacket!


A sweet cuddle bunny

It's a gorgeous boy with beautiful foot and nose, he really loves singing.



A very calm and friendly cat, she likes other cats and can adapt very quickly.



She is really perfect if you want a quiet and friendly little kitten.



Peach is a very spicy one who loves other cats and loves food.



Pepper is mildly spicy and extremely gorgeous and playful.

Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa loves playing with dogs and other hoomans.



Goose is a little guy who loves playing and showing affection.



I am very energetic, really love playing with other dogs and people.



She loves cuddles and affection and will be loyal to her human forever.


German Pincher Labrador Mix

Hope is a playful soul who loves to run and play with dogs and humans.



Vodka is super friendly and loves to greet people with a smile and hug!


Jack Russle/Poodle Mix

Poppy is a sweet and energetic puppy who loves belly rubs.


Deerhead Chihuahua

Lulu is happy girl who is also very protective and maternal.



Stella loves to be with her person and play ball or just rest together.


Jack Russel Poodle Mix

Snoopy is a sweet boy who is full of life and ready for a loving home.


Papiox / Jack Russel Mix with Papillon

Sofie is very affectionate and will bring light and love to your life!



Marlie is super loving and will absolutely win your heart!



Lancelot is a happy and playful Labrador that loves to go on long walks and play with his toys.



I am very energetic and love to go for walks or relax in the yard.


Shepherd mix

I am gentle and shy but also very affectionate, calm and love running with my friends.


Jack Russel Terrier

I am very lovable and charming and is persistent in getting your attention and love.


Dachshund mix

I am shy but very affectionate and love to sit on the sofa with my human.


Mini poodle

Paddington the hugging bear! I am a very snuggly bear with a cute personality.


Mini labrador mix

I am a very happy and energetic puppy who loves to play with other dogs and is friendly with humans.


Jack Russel Terrier Mix

I am a very energetic, palyful, happy and smart dog that will be happy to come and give you affection the minute I meet you.



Hi, I'm Misty Girl! I love sharing affection and spending time with my human. Chill days are my favorite days!


Wheaten Terrier Mix

I am playful and love to play with my toys, other dogs and people, especially if they have treats.

Lady Patch

Poodle mix

Affectionate and playful. Patch is a ball of love and will instantly befriend anyone she meets.


Local Dog

Harley is a happy dog that loves to run around, go on walks and play with other dogs.


Local Dog

Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass.


Russel Terrier Mix

Oscar is a bit shy at the first meeting, but he loves playing and we will be extra thrilled if he gets cuddles.

Success Stories

Our furry hearts who've finally found a home

We love having Ewok! We heard Ewok screaming out of fear when two security guard of a university campus were beating him before throwing him in the trash bin. His loud cry called us to him and we were able to grab him. Thankfully he hadn’t any physical harm but it took over a year to get over the fear of men. Now he is a beautiful shepherd looking

Suzanne and Ewok

Papi has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Despite all he’s been through, he is the sweetest, lovable and most protective companion. My favorite part of the day is right before I go to sleep he always insist on first receiving cuddles, so cute!! I am so thankful for Suzanne and Orik for teaching me so much about how to care for pets who’ve been abandoned. They helped to make sure I was well prepared to create a loving and understanding home for Papi.

Taylor & Papi

Furry Hearts Blog

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