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Our Founders & Story

We have been living in China for over 20 years and love the culture and life here. As many foreigners living in China, we started rescuing stray kittens that were injured and living on the streets in terrible conditions. Then we started volunteering at local dog shelter and felt like we could help the dire situation of dogs being tortured and eaten in Nanjing. The shelters are overcrowded and the dogs are living in terrible conditions. After months of looking for a proper location, we found an old warehouse with a large yard and applied for it. Luckily, we successfully got approved and renovated it ourselves into a dog and cat shelter.

Furry Hearts Rescue has been operating now for over 2 years and we actively rescue both cats and dogs. We are a fairly small rescue who operate fully on donations, but we were able to rescue over 80 animals on the first year and rehome 50. We are active in the community and continually train and socialize the dogs and cats in our rescue. We also support and encourage fostering some of the animals so they can experience a loving home.

Make a Donation

Donations cover costs of daily feeding of our rescued cats and dogs & their medical costs.
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Adopt a Pet

You can save a life by adding a furry heart to your home. A rewarding experience for you both!
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Foster a Pet

We also need local people to help foster or socialize with the pets to build their trust.
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We need volunteers to help socialize with the pets and help with events and awareness.
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