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I was found in a pile of garbage in an alley downtown Nanjing and this sweet couple rescued me. I was only 10 days old and was very cold and hungry. They brought me to this puppy heaven that night and my brother and I lived like kings eating chicken everyday and drinking warm goat milk and chicken broth. Soon I met all my other friends at the sanctuary and played with all of them. I love all my friends including the cats. I especially like jumping in the swimming pool and through the fountain, it is so refreshing in the Nanjing summer.
I am playful and love to play with toys and balls but I bring them back to the sofa outside where it is safe. I love playing with other dogs and people, especially if they have treats. Since I am still young, I will always be ready to go for another walk. I will always be ready to jump in the pool or go for a swim in the lake. Water is my friend and I feel free and fresh in it. I am always happy and grateful for everything in my life and the big smile on my face shows it.
Ideal home will be with an active person or a family with another dog. Emile has a lot of playful energy and he is always smiling and loving what is happening around him. A home with some level of training experience will be ideal as Emile is quick to learn but also quick to forget. He will always bring happiness and laughter around him with his goofy nature.

More About Emile:


Friendly, playful, energetic and loves to swim.

Physical description

Emile is tall and slim and has a light brown and grey coat. He is has the Wheaten Terrier mustache and always tilts his head to one side looking adorable. He has floppy ears and a long tail. He is has medium length of coat so might need a jacket in the winter season.






Fully Vaccinated

More Furry Hearts


I am playful and love to play with my toys, other dogs and people, especially if they have treats.

Lady Patch

Affectionate and playful. Patch is a ball of love and will instantly befriend anyone she meets.


Chronos lives to run outside to feel the air on his fur or to play with all his friends. Inside he is quiet and calm.


Harley is a happy dog that loves to run around, go on walks and play with other dogs.


Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass.


Oscar is a bit shy at the first meeting, but he loves playing and we will be extra thrilled if he gets cuddles.

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