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I was rescued in the December 2021 from an area with many stray dogs. At the time, I had a broken femur and needed urgent medical care but my rescuers and doctors took good care of me. After the surgery, I recovered quickly and wanted to run with everyone. I joined the Furry Hearts Rescue and Sanctuary about two weeks later and I’ve been playing with my friends every since. There are really nice hoomans there too and they are alright. They like to give me cuddles and it feels good so I let them. I love the chicken ones. Its easy and fun and my hoomans get so happy every time, that I really do it for them but also for the chicken.
Harley is a happy dog that loves to run around and play with other dogs. He has great recall and loves going on walks around the neighborhood. He received basic training and will sit, lay down and come for treats. He is kennel trained and will go in and out as requested. He loves to be pet and to spend time with his hooman.
Harley’s ideal home is one with experienced dog owners that have time to walk him twice a day and play with him. Harley loves to run and play and is friendly with other dogs after a short dog introduction. He also loves to receive cuddles. Harley is shy at first but warms up quickly with treats, love and understanding. His ideal hooman will understand that Harley is an independent loving boy and will love him for it. He can also function very well by himself in a single pet home as he has also spent some time alone.

More About Harley:


Shy, but will come for cuddles. Very social with other dogs and loves to chase cats playfully.

Physical description

Cute, fluffy ears and a short rabbit tail. He has long silky black and brown fur. Deep loving eyes that connect with you immediately.






Fully Vaccinated

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I am playful and love to play with my toys, other dogs and people, especially if they have treats.

Lady Patch

Affectionate and playful. Patch is a ball of love and will instantly befriend anyone she meets.


Chronos lives to run outside to feel the air on his fur or to play with all his friends. Inside he is quiet and calm.


Harley is a happy dog that loves to run around, go on walks and play with other dogs.


Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass.


Oscar is a bit shy at the first meeting, but he loves playing and we will be extra thrilled if he gets cuddles.

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