Meet Lady Patch

I'm shy at first, but boy oh boy do I just love cuddles!

Lady Patch used to be a house dog. Her human died and she suffered from malnutrition and a severe shoulder infection when she was rescued. She was treated successfully at a local vet hospital by a dedicated team that saw her desire to live and never gave up on her, even when the odds looked grim. After making a full recovery she came to the sanctuary won the hearts of everyone around her ever since.

Lady Patch's Personality

Lady Patch is a bubbly and sweet dog. She lives for cuddles and forehead kisses, and she is not shy to show her gratitude in kisses and cuddles. She loves running around and laying on the sofa, with her doggie friends or humans. Very friendly with new people since she spent a relatively long time at the vet hospital, getting used to new people coming and going to feed and walk her. Throughout her hardship she never lost trust in humans or her graceful smile, she is as courageous as she is sweet.

Lady Patch's Ideal Home

Lady Patch’s ideal home is one where she gets to play and be seen for the amazing dog she is, with humans, other dogs or cats, go on walks and have a yard to run around in. Her ideal family would spend time with her every day, she would be a wonderful addition to a family with kids (younger or older).

Lady Patch's Details

Medical Background


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