Meet Paddington

I'm shy at first, but boy oh boy do I just love cuddles!

I was found in a park, starved and dehydrated with most of my fur gone. I was too weak to lift my head but I kept standing up hoping someone would help, then this man brought me to the hospital and they took care of me. After 3 weeks I left the hospital and went to the sanctuary where I got lots of food, medicine, cuddles and friends. I love this new place very much and all my hair come back too.

Paddington's Personality

I am a happy and affectionate dog, but since I am also shy I will come to you gently and ask for a hug. I will understand if you turn me downbut I will go in my corner and sleep. But if you have time to give me a hug, this will make me very happy and I will not be able to contain myself and will zoom across the room to show you my happiness.

Paddington's Ideal Home

Paddington’s ideal home is one where he can be taken everywhere. He is curious and loves to go places with his human. He is so small and fits in a small bag or carrier, but he also loves to go for walks. Paddington is also good with other dogs and cats, and loves to play. He is also hypoallergenic and does not shed so he would be great for people with allergies.

Paddington's Details

Medical Background


If you're looking for a dog that...

Needs A Home Based Owner
Is Lead Trained
Can Be Left Alone
Is Suited To Apartment Life
Is Good for Novice Owners
Doesn't Shed Too Much
Is Kid Friendly
Is Cat Friendly
Is Good With Other Dogs
Is Easy Going

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Our Furry Hearts

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