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Quinn was rescued near the Olympic nest in Nanjing after his brother Harley suffered an injury and was also rescued. He was fed daily when living on the street with his brother Harley, so he was immediately friendly and loving since his rescue. He then caught CPV and was treated successfully at a local vet hospital. He came to the sanctuary about 2 months after his healing and immunization and has been playing with all the dogs ever since.
Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass. He is a little clumsy when he runs and chases the other dogs but it makes him just a little bit more adorable. He is friendly with new people coming to visit and will sniff and kiss them right away. He loves going on long walks and loves to explore new places. He also loves to come and give kisses now that he discovered them.
Quinn’s ideal home is a home that has time for daily walks and play time. His ideal homes will also understand to have more patience with him and to comfort him if he gets scared. Quinn is very confident but sometimes like most rescue dogs, they need their person to be there for them and show them they are safe.

More About Quinn:



Physical description

Quinn is a medium size black dog with a clear underbite that adds to his charm. He is slim and strong and has a nob tail from birth that he wags almost all the time.






Fully Vaccinated

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Quinn is a happy and funny dog. He likes to climb the stairs backwards and loves to roll in the grass.


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